Please provide complete information. Missing or inaccurate information may delay processing of your application. We are required by law and regulation by law and regulation to know our customers, and their business. Because we provide personal service it is our policy to make every effort to know you and your business in order to better serve you and meet our requirements by law.

Step 1: Tell us about yourself!

Step 2: What is your residental address?

Notice: Please enter only the address at which you currently reside. If you enter a P.O. Box or your business resident agent address, your application may be invalid.
Small Business Bank does not share any of this information with the public or any other third party.

Step 3: Verification of your identity.

In order to process your application we will need your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and either a State issued drivers license or U.S. Passport. If this information is not provided the application will be rejected.

Step 4: Agreements and Disclosures.

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In association with the application to establish a business deposit account with Small Business Bank (SBB), I hereby authorize SBB to order a consumer report on me and verify the information contained therein. It is understood that this authorization is only applicable to any consumer report obtained by SBB for this application. This consumer report is not a traditional credit report but a of your banking history.
I attest that the information in this application is factual and accurate. Any discrepancies will result in application rejection and delay the opening of the deposit account.